Hello, I'm Maija!

I’m a Helsinki based Personal and Group fitness trainer. I’m passionate about my work and spreading well-being and positive vibes through healthy and balanced active lifestyle. As a mamá of three that means to feel good about myself and to feel good in my body. I believe that a strong body gives us the freedom to live a happy and active life. For me a healthy and active lifestyle is also caring about the environment and showing and being an example to those we care the most.

Through my coaching I want to help you to find the most pleasant and meaningful ways for you to lead active and happy life. Finding balance between exercise, eating healthy and relaxing will bring you the results you are aiming for. I plan and customize every training package according to the individuals' life situation and objectives - idea is that we succeed together!



Personalized training implemented in your life situation

I trained with Maija before pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy and could’t feel happier that I did.
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In my coaching I want to emphasize right techniques and body alignment. I want you to learn how to train safely and efficiently and to know why we do certain things instead of others. All my guidance is based on scientifically proven studies and national guidelines. It is my responsibility as your coach to help you find pleasant and meaningful ways especially for you to lead active life and move. I want you to feel safe and willing to try new things and challenge yourself to new levels in your workout. As your coach, you are important to me, I care about you and your objectives. Together we can make it happen!

All the coaching packages are individually planned and customized according to your objectives and wishes. I will plan you a proposal with all the necessary steps for you to meet your goal and together we can modify the plan to meet all your wishes and suit your current life. The content of the meetings may include physical trainings, nutrition guidance, time for discussion and questions as needed. The packages are priced according to the agreed meetings. One meeting is 60 - 90 mins and worth 59 - 79€ depending on the package. The meetings can take place in gyms, swimming halls, at your home or outside according to meet the need. My collaboration gym is a cozy small private owned gym named Stella which situates in Huopalahdentie 24 right next to Munkkivuoren ostoskeskus.

Get in touch and let’s plan you a package to meet your objectives and wishes!

My training background:

  • Master of Arts in Intercultural studies (University of Helsinki)

  • Personal Trainer (Trainer Lab)

  • Group Fitness Trainer (Trainer Lab)

  • Indoor cycling

  • Bodyweight training

  • Les Mills group fitness trainer

  • Fascia Method -trainer

  • Pregnancy and postpartum training including training with diastasis recti (Äitiysliikunta Akatemia)

  • Athlete's Nutrition

  • Pilates Instructor training on-going spring/2019 (FIHF - Finnish Institute of Health and Fitness)


A balanced diet gives you the boost to be at your best



Training packages

I plan and customize every package according to the individuals objectives and needs. Minimum 3 x 90mins. Prices include VAT 24%.

  • 60 - 90 min single meeting 65-85€

  • 90 min DUO-meeting 95€ (2 persons)

Training program 129€ (2h singular meeting)

During the meeting we create you a training program according to your wishes and objectives. A training program can be e.g a gym exercise or a home exercise as well as a weekly exercise plan or an endurance training program according to your objective. The program is delivered after the meeting as a pdf-file.

Small Group Training Courses (5 - 10 people)

About the starting and on-going Small Group Training Courses you will find out through my Facebook page. The courses are 8 weeks in duration and include 1 - 3 hours of training sessions per week. Detailed information and content can be found under each course. 

If you could not find a course that would meet your timetable or objectives please get in touch and I see what I can do or if you have a group of your own and would like to start a project together, I’m happy to create you your own course according to your objectives and wishes. Get in touch!

Examples of training groups:

  • Outside playpark training group with small children

  • Pregnancy Training group

  • Post Pregnancy Training group



Training packages for individuals and groups

Maija is such an inspiration, I just love her energy and how she can boost me. Very strict on techniques also, I’ve learned a lot.
— Mia
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Get in touch!

How can I help you? Do you already have some ideas or even clear objectives that you need help with? Tell me a little bit about you and your current situation and I will get back to you soonest with a proposal. Please leave your phone number if you rather want me to call you. Thank you for your interest <3

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